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Our Services

We call our home an Emporium – a celebration of all things botanical, of growing and digging, and we are here to help with all your plant needs.

Our extensive range of services can help you to get the most from plants in your life – whether that be delivery to get your new greenery home, expert advice to transform your home or workspace or simply repotting a plant.

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    Plant Spa

    Refresh and rejuvenate with a Plant Spa booking for your favourite houseplants.

    Our houseplants experts assess your plants health, treat any pest problems, prune, repot, re-stake, leaf shine and feed with a combination of slow release and fast acting nutrients.

    Using the highest quality, organic growing media, pest controls and plant foods, our Plant Spa will transform your plant and prepare it for a new chapter of healthy growth.

    Book a Plant Spa for your plant in-store, via phone or email us at

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    Potting Service

    Once you’ve chosen your new plant and matched it with the perfect pot, our team can pot it up!

    We will blend the highest quality organic ingredients to blend the perfect growing media for your chosen plant. A modest fee applies, varying based on pot size.

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    Gift Wrapping

    The gift of greenery is always welcome! Our stores are always brimming with fabulous gift ideas for every occasion. To compliment your selection our team can gift wrap your purchase using our plastic-free, fully recyclable and complimentary gift wrapping.

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    City Garden Consultation

    Bring home the friendly advice and expertise from the store by booking a City Garden Consultation. Our consultant will get to know your space, learn how you’d like to use it and the style and character that you would like to see. We can inspire you with clever and create ways to transform your space, with practical and sustainable design solutions.

    We specialise in interiors, balconies, rooftops, courtyards and small gardens and look forward to helping create your garden vision soon!

    Enquire via email at to learn more or for a quotation.

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    Plantscaping Service

    Our Plantscaping Service can transform office, retail or commercial spaces with the beauty of plants and pots. Our team will carefully select plants, taking consideration of the availability of natural light and watering and care frequency and partner with beautiful planters to compliment interior designs. We’ll then deliver and install and provide care tips to get the best from your display.

    Enquire via email at to learn more or for a quotation.

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    Plant Nanny Service

    If you need a helping hand to care for the office plants, or even your own collection at home – our Plant Nanny Service is here to help!

    We can visit your home or office occasionally, or routinely to ensure your plants thrive. Our qualified horticulturalist will identify and treat any pests and diseases, clean and shine leaves, feed and nourish, water and can even arrange for repotting.

    Enquire via email at to learn more or for a quotation.

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    Plant and Pot Hire

    For as little as 24 hours, you can decorate your event with our beautiful plants and pots with our Plant and Pot Hire service. Our team can offer styling suggestions to match plants and pots to bring greenery display to functions, parties, conferences or events. We can even deliver and pick up!

    Plants & Pot Hire is subject to availability and requires a security deposit.
    Enquire via email at to learn more or for a quotation.

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    Plant Delivery Service

    Our delivery service is available to help get home your selection of plants and pots.

    Complimentary local area delivery is available for purchases over $35. Pricing for delivery to other areas available upon request in store, via phone or email

    Fitzroy Local Postcodes: 3000, 3001, 3002, 3010, 3050, 3051, 3052, 3053, 3054, 3065, 3066, 3067, 3068

    Windsor Local Postcodes: 3004, 3181, 3182, 3183, 3141, 3142, 3143, 3206

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    Plant Pharmacy Service

    Whether something is munching your Monstera, pestering your Philodendron or bugging your Bromeliad, our complimentary Plant Pharmacy Service can assist.

    Our team can diagnose and prescribe solutions to your plant problems from photographs or from sample pests/foliage (brought in store sealed in a clear plastic bag).

    We will advise practical solutions to your plant ailments, prioritising cost free or organic solutions.