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What is the ideal plant for the harsh western sun?

The harsh western sun in Melbourne can be a challenge for many plants, as it can scorch their leaves and dry out their soil. However, there are some plants that can cope well with these conditions and add beauty and colour to your garden. Here are three different varieties of plants that can withstand the western sun in Melbourne:

  1. Leucadendrons: These plants come from climate zones with long, hot, dry summers and tolerate full sun. They need well-drained soil, good air circulation, and an organic mulch of fine gravel. Some popular varieties include Safari Sunset, Sundance, Red Devil.
  2. Olive trees: Olive trees are hardy and can tolerate full sun. They need well-drained soil and can grow in pots or in the ground. Some popular varieties include Manzanillo, Verdale, and Kalamata.
  3. Citrus plants: Citrus trees are the most popular fruit trees to grow in Melbourne. They need well-drained soil and can tolerate full sun. Some popular varieties include oranges, lemons, limes and mandarins.

These are just some of the plants that can cope with the harsh western sun in Melbourne. You can find these plants and more at our urban garden centre in Fitzroy and Windsor.  We also have a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants for different spaces in your home. You can also browse our online or visit us in store to see our selection of pots, planters, and accessories. We are happy to help you choose the best plants for your garden and provide you with tips on how to care for them. Come and see us today and discover the joy of gardening in any condition.

Hot Tip – If the location you want to add some plants too in your home is a west-facing balcony, select large containers and group them together to help create shade and impact. Try and avoid using pots that get very hot such as black plastic pots. Instead, place plastic pots into larger ceramic containers to keep plant roots cool. Water the area regularly, especially when plants are establishing, and use a liquid fertiliser aid in the plant establishment. And if your area is windy, stake taller plants until they get well established.