About Dig

Our People

James Lomax
Founder & Co-Owner

My passion for gardening grew from a love of nature. From a very early age, I was developing an appreciation for the beauty, harmony and peacefulness of the natural landscape as our family travelled Australia extensively. In the mid-90’s, our family opened what would become a very busy local nursery, servicing the rapidly growing population of the Adelaide Hills. Here, I found an extraordinary fulfillment working alongside my mother and other passionate plant people to help our customers find the right plants and growing solutions to bring them joy in their own homes and gardens. When I stepped away from the family business, I always dreamt of creating my own special place where plants to make people happy. And so, 20 years later, I’m thrilled to be bringing the dream of Dig Emporium to life!


The Dig Team

Our team of qualified horticulturalists are here to help! The Dig Emporium team are on hand to inspire and inform your plant and pot selections and full of advice and information to help you succeed with whatever it is that you’re looking to grow.
Whether it’s a new indoor plant babies, a balcony veggie patch or potted beauties of colour to brighten your space, the team are full of great ideas to ensure you triumph!

Our Makers

Secateur Me Baby

From a garage in inner-Melbourne comes, Secateur Me Baby – a beautifully crafted collection of uber -groovy plant indoor stakes, harnessing the strength and beauty of sustainably sourced materials like Messmate timber and recycled plastics.

Whether it’d the original Wave, the seriously seductive Boa, or the flirty Flo, we simply adore the creative vision, attention to detail and good vibes that are shaped into every piece. And we think your creepers and climbers will love them just as much!


There’s a lot to love about OOhh!, it’s a truly international Fair Trade brand, championing zero waste sustainability and sleek design. From their base in Denmark, a team of designers create simple, beautiful shapes, colours and textures for their range of paper planters.

But it’s in Sri Lanka that the real magic happens! Here, over 200 women from less privileged communities work from their home to process recycled paper and shape it into these unique and stylish planters. The women are paid the same price per product, independent of the number of items made per week – respecting and understanding of their other roles as a mother and housewife, whilst providing them rare a opportunity to earn an income for the family whilst working from home.

Little Farm Plot

Like many great designs, Little Farm Plot’s clever ingenuity is borne from the need of the inventor!

When do I feed this plant, how big does it grow, when will it produce a crop and what can I plant with it? Many gardeners are faced with the need for answers to these and many other questions as they pursue the dream of growing their own food.

Little Farm Plot puts the answers just a snap away, allowing curious gardeners to find the answers they need whilst tending to those very crops. Made here in Australia, the super clever and rather sleek QR code plant markers are crafted from UV rated Traffolyte and Australian galvanised steel.

Our Partners

Scotsburn Nurseries

Dig Emporium stocks vegetable seedlings, herbs and flowering plants from Scotsburn Nurseries, which is very proud to be the first EcoHort certified seedling nursery in Victoria. EcoHort is a best practice program established by the Nursery and Garden Industry of Australia and Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) to guide production nurseries and media suppliers to a systematic approach to managing natural resources.

Water use is carefully measured and managed using industry best practice application. Plastic containers are washed and reused on site or sent away to be washed and reground for recycling. Whilst fertilizer and pesticide use are carefully managed to minimize runoff affecting the environment.

Scotsburn only grow varieties selected to minimize the possibility of spreading weeds and they implement sustainable practices to produce vigorous, healthy plants which establish more quickly in the garden and give better results.  So, it’s no surprise that we’re thrilled to be supporting a business that is committed to sustainable innovation!

We The Wild

We love everything about We The Wild! When we first met, we knew straight away that we had to work together. Their products are 100% Australian made, with completely traceable ingredients and certified organic. Unlike many other products that are synthetic, imported or unsustainably sourced, We The Wild partner with environmentally-friendly local businesses to make use of organic waste that would otherwise go to landfill. So, every time you give your plant a boost – know that local industries are getting one too.

Importantly, their products work wonders! The formulas are squeaky clean and designed to get plants humming on their own. It’s a simple premise; by replicating mother nature, they work with the natural instinct of our plants, not against them.

Plus, they’re committed to giving back to nature and helping to rebuild the natural environment. For every product sold, they plant a tree to rebuild some of the most fragile ecosystems in the world, like the Australian bush that was devastated by Black Summer bushfires. This helps green thumbs like you make a real difference towards restoring natural disaster zones with one simple action.

Northcote Pottery

From humble beginnings in 1897, a small pottery factory was established in just up the road from Dig Emporium, in Northcote, expertly crafting planters, chimney pots and tiles for local homes and businesses.

During their 120 year history, they’ve learned a thing or two about pots, and are here to help with expert advice on all things container gardening, whilst offering a comprehensive range of on-trend, functional products for every project. Whether you’re looking for tips for perfectly potted combos, growing lush indoor foliage or advice on how to harvest herbs right from your patio, look no further. They work closely with our resident horticulturalist and container gardening expert Melissa King to bring you the best advice and inspiration.

We are proud to support the legacy of a local inner-North brand by stocking a wide variety of Northcote Pottery pots and planters at Dig Emporium.